Affect the Game!

All donations before and during the game can affect the game and the characters for good or ill! Each of the following options can be gifted to one of the players or to the Dungeon Master. Make your donation here!

Re-Roll Badge ($10) -This gives you a chance to award a Re-Roll Badge to a player or the Dungeon Master (game leader).  Re-Roll badges can be used to roll again if they rolled a seriously sad number when they really needed.

QuickWin Deployfish ($20)
 – You can up your prize to an automatic win for a player or the Dungeon Master.  They will use it when they come to a point where failure is simply not an option.


Deck of Metadata Things ($25) – We’ve created a special (and hopefully humorous) deck of cards for players to draw from that grant them special powers and encourage them to unleash their creativity! But there are a few cards in the deck that can spell trouble for our players as well…



Magic Lightning Component ($200) – Want to make a really huge impact for our heroes?  These are Magic items that can make or break this D&DF Winter 19 Implementation.  The dollar signs are a bit higher than the Re-Roll Badge or the QuickWin Deployfish, which makes them an excellent Company Sponsorship opportunity.  The Professional Magic Lightning Component is $200.

Gamechanger ($1000) – If you really want to help a lot, you can donate at this tier and be granted the ability to consult with the Dungeon Master, and affect the overall plot and outcome of the story. Add drama, inject a twist, or just mess with the players!

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